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Lignes directrices « épaule en dedans de la reprise n°8 » info FEI


Lignes directrices « épaule en dedans de la reprise n°8 » info FEI



"Shoulder In" Movement in Dressage Test 8

In an effort to provide Drivers with more information on what is being looked for by the Judges in the ‘Shoulder In’ movement in Dressage Test 8 for Driving, the following has been produced by Mrs D Brownlie (GBR) and Dr Klaus Christ (GER):


The leaders are taken slightly off the track to the inside, so that the hindquarters of the outside leader is in a position in front of the pole head.

The leaders’ shoulders are taken to the inside with a bend that must go through the whole body.

The leaders’ inside legs cross over the outside legs so that the horses are working on three tracks.

Impulsion and rhythm from the whole team must be maintained.


Wheelers must not flex to the outside
Leaders must not only have flexion in their necks.
The leaders must not be positioned too far to the inside track so that the inside wheeler is beyond the head of the pole.
The leaders’ hindquarters must not escape out.

The Committee welcomes any comments or suggestions in respect to this movement within the test.’